The explosion of data is occurring all around us, and nowhere is this more prevalent than the Healthcare industry. New modalities are generating massive amounts of data that can be manipulated and visualized in multiple ways, providing new levels of diagnostic insight and analysis.

These new systems are stretching the capabilities of existing server technologies, forcing many solutions providers to utilize ultra-high end systems or resort to clustering traditional server technologies to provide the necessary processing power and storage capacity. This drives up costs, challenges ease of use, adds complexity to installation and support, and increases risk of failure.

Five9NS provides a range of solutions that meet the most demanding needs of the largest Healthcare solution providers as well as providing entry-level and midrange solutions for smaller urgent care, local care and community hospitals.

Five9NS products can help you build a flexible, scalable, and reliable infrastructure.

  • Maximize performance, image quality and resolution
  • Support multi-display environments
  • I/O optimized servers for data intensive medical imaging
  • Scale to multiple graphics nodes
  • Easy to install, deploy and administer

Key Platforms for Healthcare:

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