Life-cycle Management

Extended Life-cycle Servers

At Five9 Network Systems, life-cycle management begins prior to engineering specific systems. Technology changes quickly, and it is very difficult to build an entire server using components that will stay in production for the next three to five years. This makes keeping every server in a network running for more than just a few years challenging. One option that we can provide customers with is an extended life-cycle on our servers. We will support systems built for up to five years, if planned in advance. Our partnerships with companies such as Intel allow us to go directly to the manufacturer and collaborate to ensure that key components used in our servers will stay in production for an extended period of time.

End of Life Management

Regardless of whether you decide to build a server with a standard or longer life-cycle, the components used will eventually eventually reach end of life, EOL. We will provide advance notification and help with EOL preparations. There are three options to extend the life of your current server:

  1. Extended availability - we can occasionally convince manufacturers to wait an extra year before pulling the part our customers need, extending the product life by a little bit.
  2. Inventory stocking management - we can help customers determine how many parts will be necessary in inventory based on failure rate analysis.
  3. Component transition - some parts, like memory, can be changed from the older model to a newer one still being produced.

Transitioning to the Next Generation System

Often times customers elect to transition to a next generation system, instead of extending the life-time of servers that are no longer in production. We will contact customers before their current system is unavailable. We will then discuss how to move on to the next generation of servers, revisiting needs. We may have access to new technology that makes your systems more effective. We can build and ship new systems as the life-cycle of the last generation is coming to an end, ensuring a seamless and easy transition for our customers.

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