Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is quickly becoming an industry-accepted alternative to legacy hosting models. Public clouds provide easily consumable services for a wide variety of application models. But there are many situations that require the development of private or hybrid cloud models to meet specific business and technology performance needs.

Unless you are one of the "mega-cloud" providers, it's unlikely that you can adopt a "let it break, fix it later" operational model. High reliability, scalability and performance are critical requirements for building clouds for mission critical applications. Choosing systems from one of the big systems providers comes with a high price, and selecting the right choice from a catalog of hundreds of different options usually results in a system that is close, but not quite right for your specific cloud computing needs.

Five9NS products can help you build a flexible, scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure.

  • Choose from multiple configurations to meet your specific requirements
  • Highly scalable memory, storage and networking configurations
  • I/O optimized servers for specific application performance needs
  • Customer specific performance enhancements to improve performance and recoverability
  • Easily install, deploy and administer your systems

Key Platforms for Cloud Computing:

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