Energy companies are challenged by increasing exploration and discovery costs, increasing extraction costs, and extended cycle times resulting in technical challenges. While the amount of seismic data scales exponentially and the members of the asset exploration team disperse geographically, data size and movement become problematic. This results in network and performance bottlenecks and slower operation. Five9NS solves these challenges by providing systems that maximize performance and compute density to meet the needs of Oil & Gas customers.

Five9NS products can help you help you build a flexible, reliable infrastructure, scale performance even as your data increases, and improve your remote visualization and collaboration experience.

  • Maximize performance, image quality and resolution
  • Support multi-display environments
  • Choose large or small nodes
  • Scale to multiple graphics nodes
  • Easily install, deploy and administer your systems
  • Include all members of the asset exploration team regardless of location or size
  • Achieve better graphics resource usage and allocation
  • Securely access centralized resources

Key Platforms for Energy:

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