Financial Services

"Every second counts." We've all heard that term. But in the highly competitive world of financial trading, every nano-second counts. Financial Services firms stand to make potentially millions of dollars with every trade. In that same nano-second they can also lose millions of dollars if their trading systems don't perform.

But it's not just trading systems that drive the demanding needs of the Financial Services industry. The massive adoption of online banking services has created the same level of performance requirements for consumer systems.

In the Financial Services world latency is a killer. Latency at all levels - server, networking, storage. Financial Services firms spend millions of dollars each year in their continuing quest to improve systems performance - and gain an edge over their competition.

Five9NS products are ideally suited to the demands of ultra-performance applications, and can help you build a flexible, reliable infrastructure:

  • Highly scalable memory, storage and networking configurations
  • I/O performance optimized for ultra-fast data retrieval and storage
  • Multiple configurations for scale up and scale out
  • Highly reliable and easily serviceable
  • Easy to install, deploy and administer

Key Platforms for Financial Services:

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