Entertainment companies face the challenge of adapting to the new norm for consumer interaction. No longer do consumers go to a venue to be served - they expect the venue to be delivered to them - anywhere, any time, any form. This places huge demands on Entertainment companies to be able to serve up content - video, audio, games, news, ads in multiple formats. This in turn creates new performance standards for storing and processing these vast amounts of data. On top of that add in the "3D effect" and it's easy to see that new levels of systems performance are required.

Five9NS products can help you scale compute and I/O performance to meet the most challenging media development tasks.

  • Highly scalable memory, storage and networking configurations
  • I/O performance optimized for ultra-fast data retrieval and storage
  • Maximize performance, image quality and resolution
  • Support multi-display environments
  • Choose large or small nodes
  • Scale to multiple graphics nodes
  • Easily install, deploy and administer your systems

Key Platforms for Entertainment:

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