Getting Started

Our clients share one commonality: they need a specialized system or appliance, but their specific needs are widely varied. We need to understand exactly what you want out of your ideal system.

  • Initial Meeting - At our first meeting, you’ll sit down with our system design engineers to discuss the project you have in mind. We’ll work together to start outlining your initial product requirements.
  • Define Product Requirements - To make sure you get exactly what you need, we will work interactively with you throughout the engineering and prototyping process until you are confident that the product requirements we establish will produce the system you want.
  • Present Project Proposal - Once we come to an agreement about your product requirements, our engineering team will put together a complete project proposal with a list of system specifications and components for your approval.
  • Build and Evaluate Prototype - Upon your acceptance of the project proposal, we build a prototype system for your evaluation and testing. If you’re happy with the proof of concept solution, we will continue with production and prepare to commercialize the product. If not, we will continue refining the system until it meets your needs.
  • Commercialize Product -Once the prototype meets your approval, we put the entire system together. This includes finalizing the product bill of materials (BOM) and putting the system through any necessary regulatory testing.
  • Production - Once the BOM is finalized, we go to production. Remember, we have no minimum volume requirements!

Open a line of communication today. Contact Us with any questions or potential projects.

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